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I’m thinking about going back to school ..




Casket of Michael Brown leaves Friendly Temple in St. Louis (x)


i want some attention rn

"I’m a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking."

Norman Reedus (via nyu-tah)


I really need to stop getting emotional over people who don’t give a fuck about me though


The Encyclopedia of Air Jordans

Have you ever imagined what it would take to catalog every Air Jordan that has ever released since its creation in 1985?

Jay Lawrence of Orlando, FL had a vision to fulfill that feat and he spent the past 5 years gathering information. Every model, every colorway and every bit of history entailed in the Air Jordan line with this 500+ page hardcover book. The Encyclopedia of Air Jordans is well represented with over 1300 clean shots of models I-XX9 and a foreward by dedicated Air Jordan collector of over 700 pairs, JumpmanBostic. Not only does it document the lineage of Air Jordans, it also details write ups such as how to clean your sneakers, technology advances, sneaker culture, sneaker events and so much more.  

Jay has initiated a campaign on kickstarter to help fund the project and has high hopes to get the book released by Holiday 2014. If you’re a big time Jordan fanatic (like myself), this has to be a must in your collection. Check out the rest of the photos below and show Jay support by visiting the kickstarter today!


This is awesome. Solecollector supporting the project that I’m apart of. A lot of my sneaker pictures are in here. That picture of the Bred 1’s is actually mine. I’ve always had a passion for kicks but mainly Jordans & this book is making history. Im honored to be apart of it. Im happy somebody appreciated my work enough to publish it in a book. It’d be awesome if you guys reblogged this & supported!